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What Makes You Happy?

Have you asked yourself that lately?

Better yet, have you allowed your inner child to speak out loud what the true answers are?

Loved One, at whatever point in your journey that your eyes are viewing this message, you're ready to take it in and apply it to your life ASAP. Today's message is: make your life about two things; 1. always go where you're led to go and 2. never settle for being anything less than happy and at peace no matter where you are or who's around you. One day you'll expand your capacity in such a big way that you'll truly understand why it is a major priority for you to always remain in this frequency of joy.

The vibrations of the universe as a whole is making rapid shifts in obedience to the grand order of death and rebirth. Because of that, everyone and everything that is not rooted deeply in the energy of peace will be swept away with the winds of change. So this is why you...Beautiful Light-worker... should always be ok with never settling for less that what you deeply desire. As I often speak to my tribes across all platforms, let me remind you that you work for The Most High and that means that your resources are unlimited. Everything around you conspires for you to win and live in abundance. That also means as well that you must feel abundant and stress-free even on the inside so that you can stay in alignment with the frequency that keeps you closest to God. So just trust that you can now comfortably manifest and help co-create your most beautiful reality in peace.

With all that being said:

- be more than ok with being happy

- never allow your peace to be compromised or devalued

- always allow your highest expectation of what you expect God to do to be your new bare minimum

- let your inner child have a voice and live!!


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