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Stop Reading the Comments

Judgement is a learned behavior and way too commonly projected on to people. I may never be able to trace it back to it's origin, but what I do know is that too many people have become subject to it. We give entirely too much stock to what others think of us when, in all reality, their thoughts and opinions have nothing to do with us. But because we were trained to view judgement as something that we're obligated to deal with, we find ourselves sometimes tossed in the wind emotionally because we're giving too much life to what others say or think as it pertains to you. If my mirror tells me I look good before I leave home, at no point during the day should I allow anyone else to make me feel or believe I'm less than that. That goes for everything we individually believe as it pertains to how we view ourselves and take care of our business.

Of course, people will be people, and until this age of narcissism comes to it's dramatic end, we all will have to deal with people and their unsolicited opinions, but it's your duty to protect yourself and your energy from that. Here are some things to consider and remember that may make this easier for you:

  1. Stop seeking the approval of others for things you know you're meant to do. We know the difference in reaching out to chosen confidants for confirmation or a different opinion vs just aimlessly seeking for approval from people who may not even have your true interest at heart. If there's something you're destined to do, it will work, prosper and grow with or without the approval of others.

  2. God has placed people everywhere that need what you have to offer and have something equally as amazing to give to you. Those people are your focus, not the ones who disapprove of you or are always subliminally trying to minimize your value. If you're giving constant energy trying to defend yourself or explain yourself to someone, chances are that's not a person that's meant to hold the space you want to give them. Meanwhile, there's someone in place praying for who you are and what you represent to come into their life. That's where the focus is needed and you shouldn't allow yourself to be distracted from them.

  3. What God has instructed you to do will not change or go away because you take a poll and several people feel you shouldn't do it. God gives us all unique visions and instructions and they cannot always be decoded by others because it's not meant for them. So there's no excuse to allow your purpose to fall through the cracks because you choose to hear the words of others over the voice of God. Consider the fact that whatever consequences you face in choosing to listen to them instead of God will be carried out by you...not the people who you allowed to influence you.

  4. If you go the extra mile to work on yourself in a way that puts you in a position that you're so absolutely confident in who you are that it literally does not matter what others think of you because. When you're rooted in love and absolutely in love with who you were created to be and aware of the power and approval granted to you by the most high, you won't be shaken or convinced to view yourself as anything less than the way God views you!

However you can come to a place of complete and total acceptance of who you are in totality ('flaws' and all), do it. This world and the energies therein can only be as cold, mean, evil and negative to you as you allow them to be. If you don't give them life (attention) then it's literally dead to you. Just because someone else is so passionately and emotionally attached to an opinion doesn't make it your truth, and sometimes it's just best that you don't hear it. But when you allow yourself to not only hear it (which can sometimes be inevitable), but give energy to it (thought, emotionally response, verbal response), you breathe life into it. You also throw your subconscious off balance by giving room to truths that are not a part of your belief system and you weaken your ego that is in place to remind you of who you are.

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