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Prosperity and Abundance Daily Affirmations

Everyday it is imperative to give time, space and energy to your self-preservation. Self-preservation is not only found in what you do to live a materially pleasurable life, but it very much involves how you nurture your mental, spiritual and emotional health as well. There's no better way to do that than through speaking daily affirmations into and over your life.

Daily affirmations stand as a reminder to spirit of how you choose to actively govern your day-to-day life, so be specific. Include all the positive things that you want to focus on, and be sure to include things that help you release old, fear-based beliefs that are preventing you from evolving into your full potential.

These affirmations may read and sound different for everyone, but I've included below some universal affirmations that may serve the masses and give you a starting point for creating your own unique set of affirmations that serve you best.

**Tip: It's best to speak these first thing in the morning before you get into the full pace of life so that you can set your intentions and expectations high for the day, but if not, it's ok! Just try not to let the day pass without speaking them as repeating them daily is what turns them into your reality!

I do not block the flow of love, prosperity, and opportunity in my life

I always posses money and the things I need

I am not subject to scarcity, lack or poverty mindset

I am a walking currency exchange

Every bit of money that I touch multiplies

I have unlimited resources available to me

All of my needs are met

I received steady sources of income doing what I love to do

I have an overflow and abundance of money

Because I am wealthy with wisdom my life sees monetary wealth

Abundance flows into my life in surprising and miraculous ways

My life is a constant stream of miracles

All of my thoughts, beliefs and energies are conducive to success and money flow

My gifts and talents create new job titles for me

I find favor in business dealings

I desire nice things, and there is nothing wrong with that

I have a healthy relationship with money

I attract favors and miracles every day

I am connected to people with money, opportunities, and genuine relations

And when you have stated these affirmations with a clear mind and pure intentions, say "I am ready to see these truths in my life, I accept these truths in my life, and I am living these truths in my life."

Make this a part of your everyday routine and ritual, and watch what happens!

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