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No One Is Worth More Than Your Integrity

This won't be a long post today because it's pretty straight forward. Your integrity is a part of what protects your energy and helps guides your ego so that you know what to accept and what not to. It's almost like the voice of your ego in that it openly declares what you do/don't desire, what you will/will not accept in your life, and what you do/don't stand for.

Many times people and situations come to challenge your integrity and it's your responsibility to always go with what you know. Don't allow the negativity that others want to project on your to corner you in a space where you feel as though you have to defend and hold your truth up to what you're being blamed for. Under no circumstances is it necessary to even subject yourself to the thoughts and opinions (or blame shifting) of others, but especially in the areas where you stand firm on your beliefs, truths, and personal preferences. Don't allow anyone to hold a relationship over your head in an attempt to make you change because the truth is, any relationship that you're meant to healthily partake in will not ask, require, or expect you to be anything more or less than who you are.

So in the simplest of terms, you are who you are...not who they try to manipulate you to be. If they can't handle you for all that you are and are continually growing to be, don't fret because there are no adjustments needed on your part, but instead keep shining and stay lit because those who cannot handle the fire will eventually remove themselves! We love everyone, but we don't stroke egos if it means jeopardizing energy standards.


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