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Hey loves. I want to share with you one of the greatest lessons I've accepted in life so far.

Everything that happens is meant to happen. And everything that happens is happening (or did happen) for a reason.

Now as cliche' as this may sound, it's an absolutely true and unwavering fact. Your job is to accept it. But what does accepting it really mean? It means you have to align your thoughts and beliefs with the notion that says there are no mistakes or accidents...only what was meant. True enough, things do not always go as we plan and we may view them as mishaps, but the truth of the matter says that even when our PLANS fail, whatever happened instead of what we planned is what was truly meant.

I agree that shifting your perspective to view all aspects of life in this way is challenging and it's challenging because of the way society is structured in its beliefs. We are always taught a linear perspective of good and bad and we are taught to fear the consequences of those "bad" decisions. So we spend so much time overthinking and over analyzing decisions and in the process we cause inner-conflict, confusion and friction. Scientifically speaking, friction is created when two forces are moving against each other in opposing directions. So when we feel this inner turmoil or anxiety attached to decision making or when we find it hard to forgive ourselves for decisions we've already made, we are creating energetic friction. In other words, when you do not allow yourself to peacefully accept what life is giving you or you don't allow yourself to find peace in decision-making, you cause yourself unnecessary friction that could even cause you energetic or emotional pain.

But, here's your challenge. You have to do whatever it takes to align your beliefs with the truth that everything that transpires in your life works for you good and it is necessary! Ignore the notion that things could have or should have gone differently because if that was what's best for you it would have happened that way. We have to learn how to relentlessly trust God and trust what he's allowing to happen in the universe around you that is supporting you in fulfilling your purpose. Don't bring undue stress and anxiety on yourself because of fear. The best position to be in is in full control of your faith and positive intentions because those are the life sources that will bring you peace and balance as you face the unknown. So cut out the friction and allow God to move and work for you and through you. When you have God's support, nothing that anyone says about the decisions you're led to make should cause you to doubt the divine strategy that's always working in your life!

I love you and I believe in you.


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