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It's Like Water

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Yes. Your energy is like water. Water is unbiased, it flows freely, and it feeds and grows whatever it flows into.

It grows roses.

It grows weeds.

As is our energy. It freely flows and grows wherever it is applied.

Why is this important?

Because if we don't choose to consciously distribute our water (ENERGY) it will feed and grow every little negative force and distraction that's sent to pull on our life source. The more energy we give to these distractions by way of how we react to their presence in our lives determines how much more we will have to deal with them or not. Life is not about the random series of events that come to make our life more complicated than we desire, but it is most definitely about what we attract from the inside into our lives via the law of attraction and what presences we feed with our energy. Just like a stray dog...whatever you feed will remain.

So allow this post today to be a reminder to you to always be mindful of where and how you distribute your energy. Don't allow yourself to be pulled in to any place that doesn't make you feel good. Don't argue. Don't speak negatively of yourself or others. Don't allow fear in your life.

Instead speak life. Spread love. Convert negativity to positivity by all means necessary. And verbally give thanks for everything; no exceptions. Your life can be so much more fulfilling when you ensure that the right energy is flowing through you and around you!

- Terrica

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