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How Do You Measure Your Value?

How do you measure your value? I'm sure there's plenty of ways we all can answer that question, but for me, the top answer is through my time and how it's used. If I give something or someone my time, I am lending them my attention which is an extension of my power... and that's the most precious thing I posses. If you know anything about me then you know my biggest pet peeves are being lied to and having my time wasted or misused and it's because my time is very important to me. Between knowing what I'm truly here for, understanding the importance of human connection and conversation, and just always being in a position where there's something I can be doing, I have too much respect and use for my God-given time to waste it on things or interactions that don't make me better or give me the chance to help someone else be better.

I'm grateful that aside from working with others as they sort through their obstacles, I am surrounded by people who make a conscious effort to be positive and speak life. I no longer have any desire to talk about and fill the air with conversations and complaints that don't promote higher purpose and sometimes that makes it hard for me. Especially still living in the south; 9 out of the 10 conversations you either partake in or overhear are filled with empty talk about the news/social media, endless personal and T.V. drama and negative, fear-filled talk. It's literally like some weird common courtesy to partake in at least one conversations a day about how something or someone in the world isn't right. Even the people you meet standing in line at the store want to swap misery stories and complaints within those small windows of interaction we have with one another. But when you truly are sensitive to your own energy and time and what you choose to give it to, then you understand how this is a complete waste!

I'm sure I annoy the crap out of some people to the point that they wish they never started talking to me because I am definitely a conversations re-director. What does that mean? There's no way you can come to me with a conversations filled with negativity, complaining, self-doubt, or anything of that nature and I not bring it back to a positive light in my response. I've literally watched people get annoyed because their hope of having someone to cosign their misery was crushed by my response. Yikes! Nevertheless, I do this as a way to protect my energy and my power.

All of our senses are gates to our souls, so if you're constantly entertaining negativity and drama through what you see, hear and choose to speak on, you are poisoning the most innocent parts of your nature. There's no way you can really value and honor yourself while willingly taking in poison. So take a true look at your life to see how your actions reflect your measure of your self-worth. Where are you allowing the poison to enter in and depreciate your value? Even deeper than that, why is it so easy to allow this poison in? Don't we always protect and cherish the things and people we truly love? Take some time to self evaluate and give honest thought to how you truly value your worth.


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