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Even when they switch up...

What's the deal with people and their mood swings?? I understand we all have them to some degree but there's something extremely annoying and alarming about an adult human being throwing a child's tantrum when dealing with real life situations. Instead of communicating what's wrong or trying to find a solution, people would rather use their energy to showcase their anger in a way that doesn't allow for healthy communication or a true resolution for the issue at hand. And depending on the environment and how long a person chooses to hold a grudge, there are other areas that can also feel the effects unnecessarily. But why?

Of course, I'm always speaking about how "normal" looks different for everyone, and maybe one prognosis is that this is how people communicated (or the lack thereof) their feelings as a child, but in my childhood, I wouldn't have dared to yell, scream, fall out, or intentionally hurt someone for the sake of receiving attention. Ha! Actually, the one time I tried to do it, I received attention that I did not want and that was an old-fashioned whooping! Now what I can admit to being guilty of in my adult years is responding in a toxic way when I didn't get what I wanted or felt was right. Even though I wasn't allowed as a child to express myself in that manner, I watched other and so in their own way and it became a learned behavior. That was long before I understood the concepts of respecting and allowing other people to have their opinions and of not forcing things or interrupting divine order. It took me disgusting myself with my own actions before I was able to change them.

What I had to be real with myself about was the fact that me acting a fool didn't get me any closer to getting what I wanted. Even the people who would bend and compromise for the sake of shutting me up didn't satisfy me or the situation. And you know why that is? Because in some strange, twisted, and distorted way, the grand display of foolery wasn't about coming to a peaceful resolution, but about attention and acknowledgment of my feelings. And distortion comes in where we try and justify to ourselves and others that it's about something other than our bruised ego.

I'm saying all this to say, whether you are the attention seeker or the person on the other end feeling the effects of someone else's emotional instability and imbalance, don't allow anyone else's actions to cause you to switch up. You don't get to throw a tantrum because you don't get your way because if you were seeking to embrace the God in whatever comes your way you wouldn't be reacting so negatively to what you're faced with. On the contrary, if you are making a daily effort to maintain peace and balance in your journey, then you understand that removing yourself from the proper wavelength in order to respond is never acceptable. So remain steadfastly YOU even when it's not popular or liked by others. You have to remember always that others are free to have their opinion, but it has absolutely nothing to do with you! Even when they switch up, keep it steady, love. You allow their character to speak for them and allow yours to speak for you. Your life will not end or devalue because one person (or one million) don't agree, and if them disagreeing means they don't want to deal with you anymore, let them go. Believe me when I tell you that you're better off.


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