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Divorce Made Me Crave Love

I was married for just over 2 years (separated for 8 months) before divorce paperwork was officially signed and filed in May 2020. Upon getting married, if I would have known that 2 years later it would be over, I probably never would have done it. But that's why it wasn't revealed to me initially. In order for this experience to be what it needed to be for me and for me to learn what I needed to learn, I had to come with nothing short of high expectations, full effort, and pure devotion so that when it came time for me to be asked for a divorce, I could make my decision with clarity and make it guilt and regret free.

Throughout the process there were many things that happened that, had I not been rooted in peace, could have easily assisted me in viewing the idea of love and companionship with a bitter distortion, but it never happened. I had very strict spiritual instructions throughout my separation and that was to maintain silence. I was called out of my name regularly, my youngest child was being kept away from me, my character was run through all types of trenches, and I honestly believe that I was purely hated by several people who had teamed up to collectively throw stones. Being in this position is not for the faint of heart, but it was in this position that I learned that what I was facing wasn't correlated to true love at all. In my silence my vision was increased so that I could see the manifestations of emotional imbalances in play in others (and myself as well) and what its presence in my life meant.

I know for a fact that while so many other areas of my life were under attack while facing this karmic debt, my view of love was most definitely under fire and meant to be destroyed in the worst way. But guess what? It only grew stronger and more unconditional. Nothing about what was done or said throughout this process discouraged me from loving anyone involved any less. More than anything it gave the empath within me a newfound sense of purpose and direction. It showed me what my life would look like if I didn't heal and it revealed to me more and more just how many people are depending on me to heal and be better so that they can be released to do so as well. This experience has allowed me to tap into what true unconditional love feels like, and I think it's amazing.

That's the love I crave and desire to experience with someone in this lifetime if it's meant to be. True unconditional love. Love that leaves no room for fear and insecurities. Love that urges you to give true time and effort to building up the person that holds claim to the most sacred space in your heart because you know you need them and want them. Love that is pure and honest in all dealings. Love that's literally tailor-made for me! I know this love will come from someone who is making a daily effort to heal themselves and who is learning how to love their self and the God within them unconditionally. This process has taught me how to do these things for myself as well and has put me in position to attract and receive the love I truly desire and in the way that God truly intended for love to be shared among us.

So I encourage anyone who may be at a point where you're facing divorce or separation in your life to live and love through it. Don't allow anyone to project their shallow view of divorce onto you in such a way that you can't see the lesson and positive aspects of what's taking place in your life right now. See this transition for what it is! If you can sit with your emotions in a healthy way, they will allow you to identify the imbalances and decisions that led to where you are now and will help you to understand how to handle those things differently when presented with those cycles again with someone else. So please don't be discouraged and feel that every love encounter you experience will be a reflection of what went wrong in your current relationship. Learn to gracefully accept what not to do in stride and continue to align yourself to reflect to God and the universe what you expect from love in your life!


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