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Day 5 of 7 of Self Gratitude

I accidentally skipped a day, but nevertheless I'm here!

- I'm grateful for my life as it is in this moment

- I'm grateful that I am a successful business owner of multiple businesses

- I'm grateful that I don't know how to give up

- I'm grateful for all of the self-healing I've done

- I'm grateful for all that I've done in life up until now

- I'm grateful for my thoughtful heart

- I'm grateful for my ability to find solutions in all areas of life

- I'm grateful for my dilligence

- I'm grateful for my life beyond survival mode

- I'm grateful for the mindset to follow my dreams

- I'm grateful that I can be a positive example of God's power on this earth

- I'm grateful for my ability to find a way no matter what

- I'm grateful for the way I've hopscotched over the bs that was purposely put in my way

- I'm grateful that I did not become the woman who raised me

- I'm grateful that I have been delivered from oppressing situations and people

- I'm grateful that I recovered from narcissistic abuse

- I'm grateful for my voice and my ability to use it

- I'm grateful ALWAYS for my willingness to be obedient to the most high

Coach Terrica

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