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Day 4 of 7 of Self Gratitude

Hey, My Babies! Let's get to it

- I'm thankful that I didn't stop seeking until I found myself

- I'm thankful for my visionary mindset and way of being

- I'm thankful for who and what I have been able to attract into my life with my growth

- I'm thankful for the texture of my hair and skin

- I'm grateful for staying committed to my loc journey

- I'm grateful for setting my standard without apology

- I'm grateful for my willingness to accept the truth in all forms

- I'm grateful for the part of me that will ghost and walk away from who/what doesn't serve me

- I'm grateful that I gave up toxic tendancies

- I'm grateful that I cleared my karmic debt so my children don't have to

- I'm grateful for my ability to relate to everyone in one way or the other

- I'm grateful that I'm crazy enough to keep believing God

- I'm grateful that I keep marking off things from the list of things I promised myself (and God) that I would do

- I'm grateful that I never allowed fear to keep me at bay

- I'm grateful for my pride that doesn't allow me to give in to oppression from anyone

- I'm grateful for every part of my story leading up to now

- I'm grateful that I came to earth this lifetime

- I'm grateful to be an Aquarius in the age of Aquarius

- I'm grateful that I challenged what I was told so that I could find my own truth

- I'm grateful that I do not share blood with the heathen who raised me (yuck!)

- I'm grateful that everything I set my hand to do is successful

- I'm grateful for my consistency to show up

Coach Terrica

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