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Day 3 of 7 for Self Gratitude

Hey Loved Ones! I'm back for Day 3, and thankfully I feel much better today than I did on yesterday. So let's get to it!

- I'm grateful for the way that I have transformed my mind and my way of living

- I"m grateful for my patient spirit

- I'm grateful for my ability to know when to be quiet

- I'm grateful for having the resilience needed to freed my ancestors

- I'm grateful for all that I have

- I'm grateful for all that I am in this moment

- I'm grateful for all that I create

- I'm grateful for every time I decided to trust God without knowing the outcome

- I'm grateful for the empath that exists within me and the way that she loves

- I'm grateful for Baby Terri (my inner child)

- I'm grateful to be filled with ideas that make a difference in the lives of people I love

- I'm grateful for the way in which I have preserved and redefined myself to be a great wife and mother

- I'm grateful that I did not choose to reflect that nastiness that I was raised in

- I'm grateful for my pure, beautiful, loyal heart

- I'm grateful that I never let up on the understanding that I am more than worthy

- I'm grateful that I can look at myself and easily see that I am enough

- I'm grateful to myself for all the ways in which I have mothered myself

- I'm grateful for every time I took the way of escape provided by the most high

- I'm SO grateful that I left that demonic man in 2019 (cuz chile...lmao)

- I'm grateful for every night I braved sleeping in my car

- I'm grateful for my clutch push-through energy

- I'm grateful for every role I've played in each lifetime that I have lived

- I'm grateful that I don't lose

Coach Terrica

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