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Cheer up!

Today, I just want to share encouragement with someone who needs it most. There are days when the coach doesn't even feel like coaching, and that's understandable. I'm sure if you're led to this post you're a coach in your world to somebody (or several somebodies) in your own right, so I know you can relate. But what helps me when I have those days is always remembering that God has placed so many angels and tribe members in my life who are divinely in place to impart the right kind and amount of energy into the places of me that need it the most. You have angels and spirit guides all around you waiting to assist you if you can just connect.

To all of you coaches of the light, you do way too much good in this world to be left high and dry without the assistance and resources you need. So don't allow any force or being to convince you to accept defeat or that you're any less than on track or perfect as you grow through your divine walk! You are loved. You are supported. You are free to let love flow in and through you. You are safe and protected. You are ready to experience the good that life wants to supply to you. You have no reason whatsoever to fear. You are special because you exist. You are needed. You are strong!

If you've been feeling or believing anything less than that lately, then allow me to introduce myself as the person God sent to remind you of the truth. You are great and the world needs what you bring!


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