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Before I can get completely comfy, I need to see you naked

I said what I said!

...and the thought of nakedness only makes you shift in your chair because of its correlation to vulnerability and openness. As someone who treasures the art of vulnerability, it saddens me to see so many people yet entangled in the ever-peaking identity crisis. Now, please don't misplace my sadness as judgment or empty pity because more than anything it's empathy. I understand. Hadn't too long ago left that space myself. But, because I have a newfound respect and understanding of the beauty that lies within accepting and living your truth, I feel obligated to be an advocate for the freedom that comes with choosing vulnerability!

Just in case you're wondering, you can put the freak flag away. lol. Nakedness in this case is definitely vulnerability! But why do I need all that to feel comfortable?? Well here's a couple reasons.

  1. Growing up we were taught not to give too much of ourselves at once (I.e. don't put all you eggs in one basket, baby!). You show up to that date with your representative face on until you find out what he/she wants from you.

No! That's actually what we shouldn't do. All that does is breed relationships that are founded on emotional guards and barriers, and if you've ever survived one of those connections, then you understand why this is not good! But with that being said, I'm not suggesting that you be foolish, my love. Our discernment works...LISTEN TO IT! Discernment will guide you on how much space and what nature of energy you should share with someone. We cannot properly do that if everyone is pulling up to the date with a costume on! What's the point? Let's not waste time. Strip those guards so we can truly determine whether or not who someone is is what's best for you or not. If it is, great! Marry them! lol. But if not, honey just fist bump, say thank you for the date and go home. Just be honest and it could all be so simple.

2. If you're not comfortable with who you are stripped down to the rawest form of you, you won't be able to receive the love I have for you and all the parts of you that you don't accept. So many times we put focus on being worried about how we're going to be treated once we commit, but sometimes the biggest battles and differences surface from the fact that some people just don't know how to accept love just yet. While I do believe that some people meet in different spaces in their journey for the sake of one helping bring the other up to speed, no on is obligated to do so. But regardless of your stance in the matter, the point is that it's vital to know how one feels about themselves from the inside out.

My vulnerability says that I am actively healed and healing. My crown and my mantel are both HEAVY and my life is peculiar by most people's standards of normality. I'm an artsy weirdo who loves to write and my inner child is alive. I feel, sense and see things spiritually very often so I spend quite a bit of time to myself to process things. But I adore my journey and I love every bit of the way that I am becoming more and more of who I was created to be every single day.That's my naked truth, and I'll strut my stuff anywhere!


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