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Live Your Truth
With Terrica

Live in the abundance of the unknown

Model in Brown

My Goal

Trusted Life Coach

I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals through the process of facing issues head-on that are causing them distress, anxiety, and fear with unconditional love and acceptance. I take great pride in being a true accountability partner for those who are ready to take a leap into the abundance that lies in the unknown. Your journey is great and you are great.

Your positive thoughts are the foundation of your perfect life. You'll clearly see and follow your individual route to success when you seek out guidance with an expectant and optimistic heart.

- Coach Terrica


Fear & Anxiety Reduction

- Fears surrounding decision-making

- Constant fear of being "right" or "wrong"

- Fear of losing relationships and familiar connections

- Fear of change

- Fear of the "unknown"

- Paranoia and anxiety around death

- Fear of being judged by others

- Lingering trauma and anxiety tied to rejection and abandonment 

- Fear of loss

Obtain Unwavering

- Make peace with the understanding that you have NO flaws

- Disconnect from self-sabotaging behaviors

- Identify and understand your gifts

- Detach from truths that prevent you from fully flourishing in your life

- Retrain your subconscious to do what's best for you 

- Be confident in every room you enter

- Recalibrate your self-worth

Live a High-Vibrational Life

- Release stagnant energy from your aura

- Clear blockages from your childhood

- Get rid of karmic connections

- Upgrade the Law of Attraction to attract better situations, opportunities and connections in your life

- Manifest what you desire with ease

- Set new standards and healthy boundaries

- Explore and open up to your Spiritual Nature

- Become more conscious of what you think and speak as you release negative words and thoughts

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