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Coach Terrica's Services


1. All booking inquiries must be sent to

2. When you send your email, please include

- your name, email, and phone number

- which service(s) you are wanting to book

- (for readings) the questions or dreams you need clarity on

- (for journal prompts) the issues you are seeking to heal/address

- (for affirmations) the places you feel blocked or less confident

- (for life coaching) what exactly you would like to discuss with Coach Terrica as it pertains to your Starseed Journey

3. Once you have requested which service(s) you need AND sent the necessary information, please IMMEDIATELY submit your payment to either my CashApp: $terrijsings or my PayPal: @terrij444 to secure your booking. Pricing is listed underneath each service.

What you need to know:

1. Your appointment request will NOT be accepted if the payment is not made at the time of the request. There is only a 15 min window that will be provided to make your payment before the request is denied. If you request a service without sending a payment, you will NOT be able to request a booking again. 

2. If for some reason I cannot accommodate your request, I will notify you, and a refund will be sent to you. Outside of this, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS!!

3. Please be respectful of Coach Terrica's time and energy and understand that she has the right to refuse service to anyone who is not.

I look forward to serving you and helping you Live Your Truth!


One-on-One Private Reading with Coach Terrica


This service will provide you the chance to speak directly with Coach Terrica via WhatsApp for a 90 min in-depth reading. You may ask up to 6 questions for clarity, and this includes all types of intuitive readings (i.e. love, passed over loved ones, career and finance, ancestral/past life, etc.).


Intuitive Animal and Pet Reading with Coach Terrica

$444.44 (per animal)

This service is an Intuitive Reading that allows your pets, service animals, farm animals/livestock, horses, work animals, etc. to have a voice and an open line of direct communication with you. This is a 90 min reading that will be done via WhatsApp phone or video call. Your pets do not have to be present on the call, but, they may have more to say if they are present in the energy. You may ask up to 6 direct questions for your pet along with the space they will have to speak their minds. If you choose to pay for multiple pets to have a reading, it can also be arranged to schedule all the readings to be done in the same session/call.


Starseed Life Coaching (60 min max)


This service is for my Starseeds, Intuitives, Healers, and Lightworkers that need spiritual guidance. This service will be most helpful to those who are either seeking to explore their spiritual gifts on a deeper level, those who feel stagnant in their spiritual growth, those who need a confidence boost in their healing abilities, or for those who feel misunderstood in their journey and need to speak with another Starseed who understands and can help them. Please remember that I am your accountability partner and will hold you accountable for whatever instruction is given to you in each session. This service can be booked weekly, biweekly or once a month. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK THIS SERVICE UNLESS YOU HAVE THE TIME, ABILITY, AND TRUE INTENTION TO COMMIT TO IT!


Dream Interpretation Reading (45 min)


This reading is solely for the interpretation of dreams. This reading can be done one-on-one via WhatsApp or it can be recorded and sent to you via private link in your email (best for those who like to go back and reference the reading again later). This service is 45 min.


Personalized Peel-back Reading (30 min pre-recorded)


This reading is for those who don't have specific questions, but you may just really need to hear what Spirit has for you in this moment. In this reading, I will first shuffle for an overall theme of what Spirit wants you to know, and from there I will peel back and read the remaining cards for your complete reading. 



30 Days of Shadow Work Personalized Journal Prompts


This service provides you with 30 personalized journal prompts that will help you heal any emotional and energetic wounds that are lying dormant within. This is especially effective for healing deep childhood wounds/trauma, building your self esteem, and/or clearing negative energy and unblocking your chakras.   


Personalized Channeled Affirmations for Spiritual and Energetic Healing and Growth


This service provides you with 20-30 personalized affirmations that will help you heal any emotional or spiritual blockages that prevent you from being your most confident self. This is especially effective for the reversal of damage done by verbal, mental, and emotional abuse. Also, if you're in the midst of learning or relearning self-love, this service will be especially helpful for increasing it in your life. 

 **Upgrade this service by opting to have Coach Terrica record your affirmations as an mp3 audio that you can listen to. $88.88


Mentorship Program with Coach Terrica

$4,444.44 per month


This service is ONLY for those who are serious about taking the step towards being a full-time Intuitive Healer. Mentorship provides extensive training on how to understand and trust your intuition deeper, how to apply it to your healing techniques, and how to monetize yourself properly so that you can make a living from serving your God-purpose on this earth. Not everyone has been tasked with the assignment of devoting their life to being a healer, but for those have been and need guidance along the way, I'm here to help and share my wisdom.

Quick Facts:

- there will be 1-2 90 min sessions per week each month

- you will be required to give time to this program outside of our weekly sessions

- it is recommended that you plan (your budget and time especially) to devote 3 months to mentorship initially, and after 90 days we will reevaluate and schedule ahead according to what's needed

- payment plan options are available upon request

- for more details on how to get pre-approved for this service by Coach T, please email to schedule a consultation 

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